February 28, 2019

Welcome to the Relaunch of Kristine DeCillis Photography 2019!

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Hey there friends and welcome to the RELAUNCH of Kristine DeCillis Photography!! I couldn’t be more excited to share this experience with YOU so thank you for stopping by and being here today! I’m Kristine DeCillis a Wedding, Anniversary, Lifestyle photographer for the classic, laid-back couple who are truly each other’s best friend. We recently relocated to Newport, Rhode Island from Virginia Beach, Virginia but don’t worry I am still available for travel throughout the US!

To my surprise, I have been overwhelmed with such wonderful support since I announced my return to  wedding photography. Past brides, wedding vendors, local creatives, friends in the industry, family and close friends, y’all can really make a girl feel special; thank you for that as well!

Why I Left Wedding Photography

Being military and a military spouse has its advantages and disadvantages. For us, one of those advantages are that my husband’s career allows us the financial freedom for me to be able to stay-at-home to raise our girls to be good kids and be there to watch them grow! One of the biggest disadvantages and sacrifices (especially having a family) we all have to make during our time of service is relocating state to state or in some cases country to country away from our families. Don’t get me wrong it has it’s advantages too such as exploring all parts of the country/world but that also means we’re not near grandparents to take the kids for a day!

After battling through infertility for 7 years (and what felt like an eternity) my husband Kevin and I knew when we were blessed with kids that we would make the decision for me to stay home to raise our babies. ESPECIALLY after working as hard as we did to have a family, I wanted to be there! I know you can probably say “I totally understand,” and I’m grateful you do!

Once we successfully conceived our second miracle baby (Maria) we knew with no family support near by, a newborn and two kiddos under two something would have to change.

So as of July 1st, 2017  my number one priority was to take a step back & put all my focus on being a stay-at-home mom because my girls needed me! It was a decision I will NEVER regret because I was there for ALL the important moments for my girls. Spending my full-time with them has been a blessing! It was and is a dream come true becoming a Mom and I’m so SO fortunate!!!

Additionally in a way it was good for me to take some time off, it really allowed me to not only be the mom I wanted to be but I also took a step back to really evaluate my business and take it to the next level!

Why Restart Your Business Now?

To say it simply…. because I’m ready!! To be honest I didn’t think I would be able to return to this fabulous industry this early. I thought at least not until our kids were 5 years old and in kindergarten; now that both girls will be entering preschool later this year and having a set schedule to balance home life and business, I’m simply able to come back!

That was easily said right?

Not only that being a people person surrounded by four walls day in and day out I still felt like a piece of ME was missing. Two things I love other than my family are building genuine, respectful friendships and taking photographs of couples in love.

I believe every person needs to have something for them and it’s important for me as a mom to take time for myself to be a happy, healthy, stay-at-home Mom. As moms this can be hard because we feel guilty or selfish, but I read this great blog by Apryl Duncan here that hit the nail on the head.

What this blog is missing is the need to miss your kid’s and their unknowing need to miss you. Spending 24/7 with ANYONE, even your favorite person(s) in the world can feel like the walls are coming in on you. Me taking time for myself and pursuing my passion in wedding photography will just help our bonds grow that much stronger!

Also I’ll never stop loving this art, photography runs in my veins going down generations. My Grandfather was a photo engraver from the 1930’s-1950’s, his son’s (my Uncles) had careers related to the industry and/or hobbies in photography and for me…. well my niche is preserving love and beautiful moments.

And lastly, my decision to restart my business weighed on me wanting to help provide financially for our girls.  It will feel great to contribute to the family again and put the kids through pre-school and activities! They are so excited and our oldest, Adaline, already loves school!

Why Wedding Photography?

Well I can go on forever about how amazing it is to work with couples and document one of their most special days of their life so we’ll save this topic for the next blog!

Above images done by my good friend Sarah Street Photography  Wedding & Portrait photographer in Chesapeake, Virginia. She’s pretty awesome go check her out!

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