April 30, 2019

Discovering Newport Rhode Island | Daffodil Days

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Since spring has sprung, I’ve been itching to go out and discover Newport, Rhode Island but due to the weather here it’s been difficult. We’re nearing the end of Daffodil Days and Sunday was the first day of no rain in awhile so we jumped at the opportunity to take the kids out exploring! When I say jumped, I mean JUMPED! My husband, Kevin and I got the girls ready and headed out the door. I hadn’t even put on make-up before we left and for those who know me, know that is a RARE occasion. I’ve never been confident to walk out the door as an ivory girl but I knew it was supposed to rain again in a few hours and my make-up was not a priority…… this time! What was a priority was getting some cute pictures of the girls playing in this pretty field before the flowers were gone. I’m so happy I found this sweet little treasure within Newport, it’s a secluded field surrounded with daffodils sunk beneath a gorgeous rocky cliff. It was so charming; it even took my husbands breath away! The kids had a blast running around, enjoying the fresh air and Addie felt like she was on top of the world climbing a few steps up the cliff. It was so cute! It was another Sunday fun day with my family and we’re always grateful for these special times we get to explore together. As a wedding photographer, I’m always scouting for beautiful locations and this is just the beginning of new adventures to come!

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