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Out from behind the camera I’m a momma to two sweet little girls, a military wife married to the love of my life for over 10 years, Kevin and we have two lazy yet lovable yellow labs! I’m a family oriented girl and most of my free time is spent enjoying life with them by my side!

When I’m not at home binge watching HGTV and stuffing my face with Ho-ho's you can usually find me in one of my three favorite places. I love the outdoors so playing on the playground with my kiddos is a must on the regular! I also love visiting a winery enjoying all the sweet flavors they have to offer with my husband, or when we can get away we love camping and traveling New England as a family. Interesting fact, while I might be a Wisconsin native born and raised in the snow, I despise the cold. I’m much more the summer outdoorsy kind of gal! Let the warm sun shine!

I'm Kristine

Hey there Love & Welcome!

Above image by my good friend Maria Burton Photography

I met my husband Kevin when I was 19 years old 13 years later we are still just as much in love it not MORE than ever before. The thing I love about marriage & being married to your best friend is this...
You will always have someone by your side ride or die supporting & loving YOU! He is the one who loves me for all my flaws, ditziness and all! We look forward to growing old a together!

The Man I love...

For as long as I can remember I always wanted to be a mom. We struggled with infertility for nearly a decade. We finally had success in October 2015 when our first born Adaline made her way into this world and our personal dream of becoming a family came true! 20 months later we were blessed to welcome our second baby girl Maria!  My girls are my world and everything I do is to create a better life for them!

The girls I live for...

I may be one of the most unhealthiest eaters on EARTH but that's because Ho-ho's, Crunch Bars, and Dairy Queen are irresistible to me!  I'll never say no to this delicious delight!

My guilty Pleasure...

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Kristine DeCillis